Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Hello from Boulder City Nevada

So the drive out yesterday was pretty easy and we are now in Boulder City, home of the Bootleg Canyon site of Interbike's Outdoor Demo. We're staying in the same hotel we usually book for Outdoor Demo, so it's like a pseudo homecoming of sorts.

This morning, the day started cold. With the 25-30mph winds, the windchill brought the temps down to around 26 degrees. The wind was sustained in the high 20's with gusts into the 40's.

The day began for us with our brand presentations; Jill Hamilton with the Haro MTB/Adult (lifestyle) bikes and myself with Masi.

After a few hours of talking... it was time for some riding! However, due to the high winds and the very narrow roads, the large road ride was canceled and the group rode MTB in Bootleg Canyon. Since I didn't come prepared for a dirt ride and didn't want to risk wiping out in my carbon soled road shoes, connected to my road pedals, I ended up riding solo today.

I left from the hotel and rode the few miles to the Bootleg Canyon area to see everybody off on their rides... but they drove the rig up the hill pretty far for me to be riding skinny road tires on rough gravel... seemed like a good way to ruin a good bike. So I rolled off on my own from Bootleg Canyon and down the hill past Lake Mead and down to the Hoover Dam again. I've done this ride many times over the few years I've been coming here and the dam still remains a source of incredible fascination for me- the sheer size and scope of the dam is truly amazing.

From the dam, I rode further up a long a steady 7 mile long climb that took me out of Nevada and in to Arizona for several miles into the desert. It was a great ride, though with a lot of wind... enough so that I got clipped by the mirror of a passing RV- but I believe it was because the wind blew them hard enough to move them to my lane... but still scary.

All told, I rode for about 3 hours and between 50 and 60 miles... with LOTS of climbing along the way. Speaking of riding and climbing... the new bike rides SO well.

Man, I love the ride of this new frame. One ride doesn't surmise the entire experience of a bike, so I'm trying to remain objective... but it sure impressed on a first ride. I still need to get the shifting totally adjusted, but it is a great ride... great ride. I opted to not ride the carbon deep section wheels because it was just too darned windy to risk riding on them today, but maybe tomorrow instead.

Tomorrow is another day of riding, but the winds are supposed to be mostly gone. Maybe I'll whip out the carbon wheel sew-ups for the rides tomorrow. Hopefully, because I really want to see how they ride.

Ok kids, tomorrow will be here faster than I want, so I'm going to bed. I'll see you tomorrow... with more pics and stories to tell...



stickboybike said...

Love that trike. Better get some SPDs on there soon!

Bret Moss said...

Along with the trike that jersey looks to small for you ;)

You doing a run of EWR jersey's?

Katsu Tanda said...

My friend rode his Custom LUST shoes and speedplay X1's on a mountain bike ride because he didn't have mountain bike shoes and he really wanted to go.

Ryan said...

Yea Tim, let us know if you do a run of those wool jerseys. I need to look cool standing on the sidelines.

Anonymous said...

So how are you going be be both in Boulder City and the alternative show in Yonkers, NY?