Monday, March 17, 2008

Back... sorta...

So I'm back from the Taipei show. I'm also in one hell of a jetlag coma too. I never sleep well on planes so I took a few Tylenol PM and had a couple glasses of cheap airplane red wine and slept most of the way back... but I feel like somebody slipped me an elephant tranquilizer.

I have pictures and even a few videos to share, as always, so stay tuned.

I'm gonna go to bed now... sucks to be so wiped out on one of my favorite days of the year (St. Patrick's Day). Tomorrow is also my birthday, so hopefully I'll be semi-coherent long enough to blow out my candles.

Good night,



Kk said...

Welcome home (long St. Pat's for you!) and Happy Birthday!

Jeff said...

Can you time it differently next year so that your birthday is, like, 72 hours long?

Anonymous said...

I know the feeling brotha. Totally wiped out after this trip as well. Seems like I cannot get enough sleep.