Saturday, March 08, 2008

SXSW- Bike Hugger BBQ

I suck! I was supposed to blog this weeks ago...

If you are at the SXSW festivities in Austin, TX, go say hello to my blogging/ biking brother DL Byron and the Bike Hugger crew. Please... they're good people... I swear.

They are doing a ride too... though it is underway as I type... because I'm so lame!

Sorry this is late, but I hope a few people read this and make it to the festivities...

... and sorry DL... I meant to do this days ago.



Sascha said...

We'll be in Fredericksburg on friday for hell week. Is that close enough?

Jon Paul Baker said...

Hey Tim, goes to Haro's webpage without any notes about Masi. works as expected.

Wanted to say thanks for the blogging. I picked up a Haro Heartland Express LE today to compliment my Masi Gran Corsa. I considered the Haro because of Haro's relationship with Masi and your blogging. The Haro is working out great as a day-to-day sit-and-go bike.

(I didn't see an e-mail you link or a suitable post to comment on.)

Thanks for the great bikes and the great posts.