Sunday, March 30, 2008

I love art.

I love art. I love music too. And literature... a lot. I'm a regular Renaissance Man (except I think that is supposed to imply that I'm also good at math... which I am NOT).

The thing is, with art, is that I can't draw/ paint/ sculpt/ mold/ doodle at all... my life studies look a lot more like stick figures... on a good day. Don't even ask about the "bad day" drawings. One of my uncles is an artist- one of the best I've ever been lucky enough to view (as well as a very good friend of mine)- so I have been surrounded by art since I was a child. I have immense respect for those folks who can create images like that- I frequently see things in terms of images, but I am unable to bring them into the world. So I am always moved and impressed by the works of those folks who can bring their ideas into the world for the rest of us to see.

I have a few friends who have that talent... and then some... but I want to talk about two in particular right now.

I received the following email from my friend (and super-awesome artist) Taliah Lempert- you've seen me post about her art before;

Happy springtime!

I have a show comin' up in Philly

That I'm super excited about,

It's at Copy Gallery

319 N.11th Street, 3rd floor


There's a lot of work I've never shown before.

It's awesome to have a chance to see it all hanging up together,

It's going to look great and be a fun time.

So if you're in the area please come on out!

And on Sunday April 6th from 10-5pm

It's the long awaited opening of Brownstoner's Brooklyn Flea.

I'll be there with prints, drawings, sketches


Debuting new t shirt designs

and hand printed cards

The flea is shaping up to be pretty awesome

I'll be there most Sundays through the summer.

There's more events coming up in April and May.

That you can check out here.



If you are anywhere near these locations, you simply must go check out her work. She's simply amazing and I am fully in love with her paintings.

My next artist friend is totally new here and I hope you'll embrace her work with open and loving arms... because she's good... really good!

Meet Kathleen King!

Kathleen is a friend of mine from recent history and a diehard bike nut as well as an artist, with an impressive portfolio of work that she's done over the years.

Her latest work is a really cool homage to the motion and grace of cycling. It conveys so much movement and power... without actually moving... that's cool! Anyway, go give it a look-see and say howdy to Kathleen and tell her Masiguy sent you (I hope she won't hold it against you).

Here ends today's lesson in Art Appreciation 101. There will be a test- so study hard and take lots of notes!



James T said...

Oh come on Tim; everyone can draw. You just have to get past the idea that you can't. I am willing to bet that you are a lot more artistic than you let on.

I am a big fan of Taliah Lempert's work as well. Kathleen King's work is new to me, but I like it as well. Thanks for passing the link along.

Kk said...

Thanks Tim! Wow, you're a prince.
And thanks for looking James, glad you like it.