Sunday, January 25, 2009

And another one...

So, my legs did not fall off in my sleep after my nearly 69 mile ride yesterday. I woke up with legs that felt about as alive as balsa wood and as heavy as oak... but they were less sore than I thought they would be.

Today was much like yesterday, as far the weather was concerned, but with a good bit more wind and a bit cooler. I waited until a little after noon to get out to ride again, hoping the weather would warm up a bit... because I could... but it didn't, so I got all spandex-ed up and hopped out for another 1hr 53min ride for about 29 miles of recovery ride around town today.

Visited my grandparents at Ft. Rosecrans National Cemetery; I never miss a chance to see them when I am near the cemetery.

The view of the city is pretty amazing from the top of the Point.

Though it was cooler and windier than yesterday, it was still a beautiful day for a bike ride. Along the way back home, I got a glimpse of my old form. I wasn't going super fast or simply smashing the pedals, but I was having the same sensations in the legs that I did when I used to be in great shape and could smash the pedals. It didn't last long, but it was the first time I had those feelings since the crash last April. Given that I rode so hard the day before, it was a bit of a shock to me... and I was very happy about it.

I won't be riding at work this week, since this is my week with my daughter and I have to leave work early to get her from school... but I'll be doing my best to stay focused and motivated to hop on the rollers each night after she is asleep.

For now... I think I might just grab myself a little sleep too.

PS- Post ride weight check; 213lbs.

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