Monday, January 05, 2009

Back at it

Today was the first day in the office for 2009. Oddly enough, it felt no different than the last day in the office for 2008. Well, I feel a little fatter- because I am- but that's about all.

We had a series of different meetings today to get ready for many upcoming things... including the planning on the next catalog. It dawned on me during the meeting... "CRAP! I have to start writing another catalog!" A few months ago I was full of ideas for the new catalog and all kinds of ideas of what I wanted it to look like... but now that I have to start actually thinking in terms of execution, it seems that all those ideas have vanished. ARGH!

It appears that my brain is suddenly running into fatigue... on my first day back in the office for the year! 2009 might be a looooooooonnnnnggggg year!


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