Saturday, January 31, 2009

My kingdom for a bike...

Today was one of those beautiful, warm, sunny days with blue skies that make San Diego so famous. The weather was awesome with temperatures around 80 degrees- yes, I know I am spoiled.

This afternoon, the Masiparents watched the Masidaughter so that Masiguy could go for a Masibikeride. Getting out in the sun and working on getting my old tanlines back was pretty sweet.

The punkin and I, as I was heading out for the ride.

I rode one of my favorite loops in the east county area of San Diego, in the semi desert hills of Jamul for about 37 miles. I did the ride on my scandium prototype- the same bike I rode in Taiwan. It's built up with a Prologo Nago saddle, Ritchey WCS carbon seatpost, WCS Carbon Evolution bar, Ritchey 4-Axis Carbon Matrix stem, SRAM Rival group and the new Shimano RS80 carbon/ alloy wheels. I have to say, the RS80 wheels are awesome. I rode them for the first time when I was in Taiwan with this bike. I put them on the bike just before shipping it to Taiwan, so my first ride on the wheels was over there and I was really happy with how well they performed. Sure, they aren't super light, but the carbon/ alloy rims provide a really supple ride with great sprinting/ climbing stiffness. I just got the bike back from Taiwan this week and I have been riding these wheels every chance I get... and I really dig them so far. I highly recommend them.

The trusty steed in beautiful Pea Soup Green .

The burned remains of a tree along the road to Otay Lakes.

This area was destroyed in the wildfires a year ago. The valley is full of fresh green grasses now and should be beautiful when the wildflowers are in bloom this Spring.

I didn't feel super strong or anything, but I felt a lot better than I did a few months ago. It's great to be getting just a little bit of fitness showing up and not feeling like quite the same tub of goo.

Soaking in the sun!

I'm gonna teach that cholesterol a thing or two!



Dan O said...

80 degrees - lucky you. Nice ride, nice pics.

Great to see you back in the saddle. I check the blog almost daily and enjoy it.

Ride on Masiguy.

Joe Marinelli said...

80 degrees! Lucky!

I was psyched to get 40 degrees this past weekend. So psyched that I left my house on my bike at 7AM and didn't come home until 2PM.

Keep on putting the miles in! You'll be back to being your docs healthiest patient in no time.

BVDG said...

you need to get into some old fashioned oats bro... like draino for your veins