Thursday, June 11, 2009

Is it Friday yet?

This has been a nutty week- with the jetlag and the work I came back to, and fighting off a cold... and adjusting to a wonderful new life... it's been nuts. I think I've gotten rid of the cold, but the jetlag is kicking my butt for sure. I've only managed to ride twice this week and it has been hard to do that- simply because of the fatigue. All that whining aside, it's great to be home with my bride and with my daughter.

On a much better note, I had my first blood test this week since beginning my cholesterol medications. The tests came back and my cholesterol was super low! With the change of diet, return to frequent riding, the cholesterol medication and taking Omega-3's (fish oil) I have lowered my cholesterol so much that I am now already off the medications! I'm going back in for another blood test in 8 weeks and if the test results are similar I'm off the medications until I really need them again. It feels so good to be "drug free" and even more satisfying to know that simply returning to a better and healthier lifestyle has gotten me to this point. AND... I managed to only gain a few pounds while gone and am now back down to 199.2lbs... which is awesome for me!

Thank you again to everybody for the amazing anount of support and encouragement as I've recovered from the accident and also gotten back to my old, healthier habits.

Alright, it isn't all that late yet, but the jetlag is kicking my butt so I am giving up for tonight. Here's to hoping the weekend allows me a little time to recover further.


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blue squirrel said...

congrats on the cholesterol count, really proud of you.