Thursday, August 27, 2009

Is it 2010 yet?

Our 2010 bikes are only now beginning to arrive, catalogs are just going out to retailers and the website is yet to be updated with the new images, etc... and 2011 is already underway...

... and I'm losing my mind!

Been staying super busy with trying to get ready for the Montreal show 9/9 to 9/13 (show is 10-12th) as well as trying to get our own preparations for Interbike done... as well as getting things done to back up our 2010 product launch. It's, well... busy as all hell!

Lots of challenges, lots of stress and so much to cover.

Had first ride- finally- on my new Ultegra road tubeless wheels with the Hutchinson tires... YUMMY! It is no secret that I am a huge fan of Kenda tires and not just because they sponsor the team- the Kaliente and Kriterium tires are simply awesome clinchers, especially the 25mm width Kriteriums (though I wish they made the Kaliente in a 25 too... but I keep nagging them). I'll have pics and details to follow, as well as a review (so far) of the new Ultegra group (awesome) and the all-new Ritchey WCS Zeta wheelset (above category awesome).

Also just received a copy today of the new Lennard Zinn book Zinn & the Art of Road Bike Maintenance- 3rd Edition. I was asked if I wanted a copy to read and review... and I said "HELL YES"... sorta. So it arrived today and I am stoked. I am a sloppy mechanic- just good enough to work on my own bikes and keep them from falling apart (usually). But Zinn is a "hero" of mine and I am thrilled to have a copy of the book to use for knowledge growth. Looking forward to reading many chapters. Stay tuned for more...

Speaking of books... I was also contacted by the publishers of the new David Byrne book Bicycle Diaries. I loved the Talking Heads and have been a fan of Byrne's for a long time and have been interested in his evolution as a cyclist and proponent of utility cycling. His book is going to be a welcome read for sure!

I've got a friend named Steve- he's an artist- and a blogger. He's rad and he's back. If you don't go check out his new blog, Gawd will kill a kitten and use it to kill a puppy. I've had a vision about it...

Ok, I'm brain dead so I'm going to bed. But I'll be back soon kids, I promise.


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Anonymous said...

I bought a 2010 Speciale CX a few weeks ago - normally the website precedes stock, not the other way around! Particularly for us Australians.