Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Cool people I know; Taliah Lempert

I am lucky to know a lot of really cool people. Some are like family to me and others are simply acquaintances that I am lucky to have made. I have been blessed over the years to get to know lots of people in many different fields/ areas of expertise. In short; I'm spoiled.

Taliah Lempert is somebody I have mentioned many times here over the years. I am a huge fan of her paintings and have often spread the news of her work here, sharing flyers about her shows or other projects. I first learned of Taliah's work several years ago when I was helping to edit a magazine (iheartbikes) that she and I both were contributing to. It was then that I fell in love with her style and her paintings. Since that time, we've stayed loosely in touch and I am always searching for a way for her and I to work together on some sort of project (and I'm not giving up).

On a recent trip to her website, I saw her t-shirts again and looked through the new designs... which I really need to have. But upon further digging, past the coloring book that I love so much, I noticed she is now also making caps. I love caps and hats of nearly all types... LOVE THEM... and am now in love with her caps. I will posess them... oh yes, I will.

So, for those of you new to Taliah, you really need to go check out her fantastic bicycle paintings. For those of you who are already familiar, I hope you'll dig a little deeper into her site as well... there's good stuff there!

And Taliah, keep up the great work- I always get a rush of inspiration from your paintings.



Kk said...

Really nice work from Taliah as always. Keep spreading that art love Tim!

libertyonbikes! said...

you're ALWAYS on point!
i'm looking for knickers -BAM
you mention Swobo's sale
and i score cheap knickers.

the only thing i collect
besides flat tubes
is cycling caps,
and I'm a huge fan of Taliah
(she was the featured artist in
the first showing I had),
I was admiring her work with her,
and didn't even know it was her.

IDEA! Masi should commision a painting, use it for an add, AND
do a limited edition poster of the work, maybe make it a series? like some other company - BUT ALOT BETTER! Masi & Taliah - Yes,
classic and style.

Anonymous said...

I saw her work for the first time on CBS Sunday Morning years ago. Now that's some kind of exposure for an artist.

But I would dare say that the best support is from fans like you. Artists everywhere need that. I always appreciate that more than any other kind of exposure. So my hat is off to you, Mr Jackson. And I'm sure many artists would agree with me.