Sunday, November 08, 2009

Being hurt stinks... big time.

So last week we had our uber top secret mega important Product Summit where we continued to refine our products into industry annihilating dream machines. The increased development and new projects and direction for the brand is going to cripple the competition and leave YOU gasping for air as you throw wads of money at your local retailer begging them for a new Masi. You know me- I've never even once exaggerated in even the tiniest little bit... not once, not ever. (You've been warned...)

The only "glitch" to the week is that in a totally inane and seemingly innocuous way, I pulled a muscle or strained something in my back that has left me completely unable to ride since Tuesday and in moments of searing pain. As I was putting my backpack on my left shoulder- which has my laptop in it and is relatively heavy- the strap slipped off the shoulder and fell to the ground. In my attempt to catch the pack and save the computer from hitting the ground, I twisted awkwardly and the weight of the bag caused the injury somehow. I did manage to save the bag from hitting the ground, but my back has paid the price. I've been walking like an old man or Frankenstein ever since. Today is the first day that sitting down or standing up doesn't result in a serious groan of pain. For the record; getting stupid injuries because you're a dork (and getting old) really, really sucks. The "silver lining" is that my cold seems to have gone away finally... now if I could only ride a bike...

This weekend is the start of the PRSA 09 conference here in San Diego. Though I am not attending the conference, it has brought a convergence of many of the really, really smart folks I "know" through Social Media (and if you have been reading this blog for very long, you know I'm as passionate about SM as I am about bikes). Last night after the conference, I went to one of the tweetups and had the chance to finally put a face to the @. I don't get too many chances to attend any of these kinds of functions from here in San Diego- usually because I'm quite simply working or traveling- so it's always a bit of a thrill when I get to meet people I only know digitally and even more exciting when I meet new smart people. So, even in my sore old man condition, I had a blast getting to talk to some great folks last night like Lauren Vargas, Kami Huyse, Fran Stephenson and Jacob Sloan. The conference goes until Tuesday so I'm going to get the chance to meet a few more of my friends this week and I'm very happy about that (bad back or not)! For all the rest of you attending PRSA09 who I have not yet met- welcome to San Diego! I look forward to meeting you over the next couple days.



Anonymous said...

One work mate: pilates

Seriously does wonders for core strength. I did my back with baby #1 and have been doing pilates ever since. Wonderful, and once you know the basic exercises you can do them from home. Helps with posture as well.


Dan O said...

Backs are weird things at times. I've thrown mine out with similar normal movements - like putting a dish in the dishwasher, or sneezing and coughing at the same time. Ridiculous - but painful.

Lucky for me, been years since this has occurred - but remembered being told by the doc to ice up the affected back area. It's worked for me - doesn't fix it, but helped a lot. In the past I thought heat was the fix - ice worked better for me. I'm also lucky since the riding position (road bike and sport motorcycle) seemed to help relax everything and improve the situation.

Heal quick. I always enjoy your blogs and have also become addicted to this whole "social media" deal.

nicfromaustin said...

I am a new MASI owner (just got a masi speciale as a gift. my first multi-geared bike). My girlfriend has had a speciale commuter fixie for over a year. I LOVE the brand and the quality of the bikes. My only complaint is that MASI makes it really hard for me to buy your merchandise. I want a MASI cycling cap. I want tshirts...i want it all. I would be throwing money at you guys if only you'd let me!

I hope the back feels better and keep making my favorite bikes!

Tim Jackson said...

Nic- you clearly have great taste in bikes and women.

We're working on the accessories, promise. We're going to finally have some t-shirts soon and I really want to do caps as well. It'll happen... promise.

Jacob said...

Glad I met you at PRSA as well, Tim, and I had a great time talking shop with you about social media. Look forward to the next chat, and I hope you're recovering nicely from your "old man condition."