Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Cool stuff...

Ok, I found this in my email when I returned from Germany and it is just too darned cool not to share... I've always been a fan of Wired, so this is pretty exciting for me.

Now for some bike porn from Germany!

The bike of Theo Bos... I felt insignificant just standing in front of it.

This was one of the nicest old bikes I saw at the show and in Germany.

This was one of the prettiest looking city bikes I saw at the show, but certainly not the only one. There are more useful, simple, utilitarian bikes in Europe than you can possibly imagine. The US is way behind Europe on this front... way, way behind.

This beauty was in the Brooks booth... I nearly had to lie down after I saw it. Ok, I did lie down, but it might've been from the heavy lunch and the jet lag.

This bike came nicely accessorized... to say the least. The brand is called Starshot and they are primarily a clothing company (with really cool stuff), but they are moving into branded bikes too.

I know this is just a tiny little teaser... but you'll just have to wait another day for more (there's only about a thousand pictures left to go through).



Gilby said...

Beautiful! Good thing I wasn't there, I might have tried to lick Theo's bike.

I'd **love** to see Starshot clothing available in the US, along with a couple other brands that only seem to be available in Europe. So if there are any buyers for US clothing distributors who read this blog...

Anonymous said...

That bottle on the Starshot is h-o-t! Perhaps something similar for Soulville?

masi-quasi said...

Picture of The bike of Theo Bos...

in that pic you look skinny and pasty. didnt they feed you on the plane? why the knickers? cold there?

Fritz said...

Thanks for the nice photos, Tim. Some beautiful work there!

What was the reaction at the show for your stuff?

jro said...

That Mercian with the long spear lugs?
2nd time I've said "OH MY!" this year.
Thanks for going so I didn't have to.