Friday, September 14, 2007

TGI- freakin- F!

Thank God/ Buddha/ Allah... it's Friday!

I didn't leave the office last night until just before 11:00PM... but the final catalog product is amazing. I can't wait to get your responses to it. It's beautiful- even though I am admittedly biased- and I predict you'll like it plenty. A big round of thanks has to go to Rick Ortiz and Pete Demos (the "Graphic Bitches") and Wayne Doran (my Product Manager) and Pat Crosby (the MTB Product Manager who has been kind enough to help with Masi frame drawings- like the SoulVille). Without the help of these folks, I'd have a heck of a lot less to talk about.

Enjoy your weekends...



T-Guy J said...

Even more important than the fact that the catalog is done is the fact that afterwards you drank some fantastic beer.


can't wait to see the catalog and have fun at Interbike, get some great photos

Bellie said...

Hello. I am a friend of Will Mahler from Lancaster, PA, and I will be off to my first interbike for the crit on Thursday night. Will emailed me your link - as I am to say hello when I may see you in Vegas - but I will say HEY!! now as I saw you post with my my favorite beer!! Cheers to you for being a fabulous guy and dad!

Oh, I met Will at the Tour De Pink 06 charity ride last year.