Sunday, September 23, 2007

We're here!

I still have to download some photos off the camera, but we're here in Boulder City. Got things mostly set up and ready to go tomorrow. Gotta get a few things at the store and then I'll be ready to go...

... and I got a short ride in already! Took a short spin with Jill Hamilton down to Lake Mead (which is lower than it has been in 40-50 years). It's been a gorgeous day here and the weather is nice... should be sunny and clear the entire time.

Ok, now it's time to go get some dinner and then hang out by the pool and have a beer and a cigar!

Tomorrow is the beginning of the fun!



shaun said...

Hey dude hope ur well. It's that time of the season, Interbike and craziness. Just wanted to drop you a line via your favorite form of communication. We should hook up. Exciting news, Bio-Racer team cyclewear coming soon to the US.

Bret Moss said...

Lennard Zinn gave the SoulVille some love.

The pressures on to deliver!