Saturday, September 29, 2007


Well, I rolled in from Vegas at 2:00AM this morning. Got myself a couple hours of sleep and now I'm trying to take stock of all my photos, business cards I collected and gathering my thoughts... and there are lots of each.

This was the best Interbike show experience I think I've ever had. Being on a winning team always makes things better, but the overall response to the line and all of the major changes we made to the bikes were received far better than I dreamed. I am over the moon over how the bikes were talked about and the number of shops, industry reps, other industry company folks and other bike company people who walked in to the booth to look at the line and said, "WOW!" Though I am the "face/ voice" of the Masi brand, a lot of the credit goes to the folks behind the scenes who help to make the bikes possible- Wayne Doran (Product Manager), Pat Crosby (Haro MTB Product Manager who has helped with some design work), Rick Ortiz (graphic artist and catalog designer) and Pete Demos (Artistic Director). Beyond that, it must be further recognized that the efforts of former Senior Product Development Manager, Mike Varley, paved the way for many of the bikes in the line. I have been very lucky to get to be responsible for stewarding the rebirth of one of the very best names in cycling history. The product line now represents the strongest offering in many years. To say that I am pleased with the bikes and the new catalog would be an understatement. Though I am always very enthusiastic about the brand, I sincerely believe that this is the very best range of product we've ever produced and that we are on the verge of becoming one of those brands that people in and out of the industry will be talking about and listening to.

So, yes, it was a great Interbike and I am very happy. That said, I'm also very tired and need a nap! I'll be following up with many more thoughts, tales and tons of pictures.

Thank you for your patience with the spotty posting the past few months during this massive relaunch of the brand- it is nothing short of a miracle that we were able to pull it all off in such an amazingly short period of time. I am more confident than ever that you will like the new product range. The new/ revised/ updated website will be up very soon, but the new catalog is already in print and available... so go to the website and get one ordered.

Ok, time for a little sleep.


PS- I forgot to mention; check the Monday edition of the Boston Globe, in the Business section, for an article on commuting bicycles. Ross Kerber of the Globe came out to Dirt Demo and rode the new SoulVille and also rode the Hangover/ Lake Mead ride on a new Gran Criterium. There might just be a picture of the SoulVille in the article... so keep your eyes peeled.


Super Rookie said...

hey it is the cowboy from the strip!


Anonymous said...

Masi did get mentioned in the globe article. Here is the link:

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I liked seeing you and Richey at the same time if only for a moment.
Believe it or not, it really was a bright spot in the week...
Please let us try and cross paths for real at some point.