Thursday, September 06, 2007

More from Eurobike...

Here are more cool pictures of the fantastic sights of Eurobike... as experienced by yours truly...

I don't care who you are... a Ferrari Colnago is simply Bad Ass!

And this was one of the coolest "retro" rigs I found. It was just kind of tucked away in the Cinelli booth- sort of like an after thought. I, of course, made a bee line for it as soon as I saw it.

These guys had some of the most gorgeous city bikes I have seen. Better yet, I saw several of them in use around the city... proving their appeal.

I like simple, understated graphics like these...

... no wait... like these. Cube is one of the biggest and most popular brands in Germany. I've seen the name before, but never the bikes in person before. They have a very large and impressive range of bikes (thankfully for me, not available here).

I thought the TT bike was pretty cool.

Walking around all day makes you thirsty.



Al said...

You have the best porn.. .I mean the best bike porn.
Thanks for sharing.

Bret Moss said...

Tim -
Glad to here you made it back!

My LBS said they are ordering a size run of SoulVilles. can't wait to throw a leg over one.

You see any bikes at the show?