Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Argh! (and farewell)

Ever been in the middle of lots of projects- many that require the use of your computer- and your computer's hard drive crashes?

Word to the wise/r; it stinks!

Yes, my computer hard drive has crashed again for the second time since February. I am now having to use a computer in the office that is not being used at the moment, but it doesn't have any of the files I was working on or any of my emails and contacts. (So if you've been waiting to hear from me or trying to reach me... there's the reason.) I feel pretty useless without my computer.

I read today on the BRaIN website that Sky Yeager is leaving Bianchi after 17 years. I can't really put into words how shocked I am. I've made no secret about the fact that Sky and Bianchi have played a big part in how I've tried to develop Masi since joining the company. Sky has been one of the biggest influences on me over the years. She has done some fantastic things in the industry and with the Bianchi brand in the US. I can't think of a single other product manager who has had such an influence on the industry. Our own Mike Varley is among the best in the business, but Sky has become a "celebrity" of sorts within the industry. Her bikes haven't all been winners, but her percentage of good vs bad is one of the very best I can think of.

Her single speed creations like BUSS (butt ugly single speed), BASS (bad ass single speed) BOSS (big ole single speed- I think) etc have become favorites and have shown her incredible since of humor and whimsy. Who can forget the stickers placed on the bikes that reads "Designed by a Chick" ( I think I got that right...)? Her coolness, her ability to wield a wrench as well as any mechanic anywhere and her market savvy have really made an impression on me over the years.

Sky- even though we never met, I will miss your presence in the industry- should you choose to leave altogether. It would certainly make my job easier not trying to compete against you, but it's a much cooler industry with you in it. If you show up in Vegas, I'd love to buy you a beer.



Anonymous said...

You are the heir apparent of course...
Sky really pushed at the edges - 'cross, track, and single-speed - and based production runs and pricing on pro-deal sales.
byonkey have really shaken up their global and especially US structure - if they shook her on purpose they are very misguided.
Good luck Sky, good luck Tim.

Donna Tocci said...

At first, I thought you were telling us all 'farewell'. Yikes!

Sorry about your computer. I, too, have had my hard drive completely crash at a bad time (is there really ever a good time??). NO FUN. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

The boss was the Bitch'n Orange Single Speed...


stickboybike said...

I agree 100% with gejthvx. I lost a kick butt rep from that brand b/c of the loose cannon that's now at the helm of that ship.
Help us all. Sky rocks, Jackson nude in the bathroom...only socks, Faliero couldn't have been wrong with both camps. Go git 'em Tim!

Anonymous said...

since you havent been online, your AF boys are puttin to the competition.