Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Bonjour from Montreal!

Sorry for the lack of posting and for the fact that this post is going to be done in a few seconds, but Montreal is a wonderful city and the BTAC/ Expocycle has been great.

All of the new bikes have been getting great feedback from the retailers and other manufacturers, so things are looking very good for the products. Now it is time to start selling them and getting consumer feedback as well- it's pretty exciting.

The conversations have been great, talking about bikes with other folks like me who love cycling and the sport of cycling. With all that has happened in the press about cycling, it is great to see so much undiminished passion. I spoke to an older gentleman, a British transplant in Canada, who raced with the British legend Tom Simpson (the one who died on the Ventoux during the Tour de France). Needless to say, I got goosebumps.

Ok, time for the final day of the show.

Talk to you again later.


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