Thursday, October 09, 2008

Bring it!

The past two days have seen marathon meetings (nearly 7 hrs yesterday and another 3-4 today). The meetings gave birth, in a big way, to the next, next line of Masi bikes. The bikes we just showed in Vegas haven't even arrived yet, but we have to wrap up out designs for the next year NOW to be able to get them to YOU at the right time next year. I swear, it seems like the development process gets crazier every year, but I am already very proud of the bikes we sat down and created. There will be more than a few surprises- trust me on this one- but you waon't see them for another year... and I'm not saying a thing until next year. BUT I will say this; we make the sexiest looking bikes around! I will proudly stack these bikes up against any other brand out there. They're going to be that good. I'm already proud of the bikes that haven't even arrived yet, but I've been living with them for several months now... and I've moved on.

I've said it once and I'm saying it again; we make great bikes and I love my job!



libertyonbikes! said...

thanks for posting the hutchinson video, inspiring! stop by, i reposted it.

Unknown said...

Hi, Tim. I'm so glad I found this blog! Where can I find/buy a saddle (like one pictured on your blog at ) to put on my new(2007) Masi?