Saturday, October 04, 2008

Virtual Tradeshow- Interbike 2008- Part One

Ok, since catalogs are hitting the streets and countless photos are out there already after Interbike, I'm going to introduce you to each model of the Masi line.

Performance Series:

Meet the new Alare- this is our least expensive model and you'd never guess it... available in Anodized White and Rosso Red.

Here's the Alare Bellissima- our first women's bike. Available in two colors- Rosa Pink and Anodized White (with mint colored decals). Available (for now) in sizes 47, 49 and 51cm. It's the first step in our development and growth of a women's line that we intend to grow and expand into other models over time.

Here's the newest version of the ever-popular Vincere- a full aluminum frame, carbon fork with alloy steerer tube and a Shimano 105 drivetrain. It's a helluva lot of bike for the dough.

Following in the draft of the Vincere is the Vincere Bellissima, another in the new women's series of bikes. Available in 47, 49 and 51cm in this beautiful Cielo Blue. Trust me- the picture does it NO justice.

This beauty is the new Gran Corsa. The aluminum and carbon frame combined with the 105/ Ultegra parts package make for an excellent performance package that is a great value. No really... it is. AND... the new Special Silver metallic paint looks SUPER sweet!

Competition Series:

The CXR for 08/09 gets a new graphic package and some sweet looking white cable housings that make this bike look totally PRO!

Oh so pretty- the Coltello Aero is now dressed up in the same Metallic Red paint that the Coltello track frame was painted in 3 years ago. Combined with the white touches, it's a sweet looking tri/ tt machine for those who like to go really, really fast.

There is now other bike in Masi' long history that is as revered as the Gran Criterium. For the past two years, we've been carefully reproducing the much loved graphics of the 70's and applying them to "vintage" Masi paint colors. The new Gran Criterium is the current iteration of that philosophy. With a SRAM Rival component package and a superlight aluminum/ carbon frame... it's a modern classic.

More to follow later- still all the new steel bikes to show off, as well s the MetroItalia city bikes, the growing SoulVille family and the gorgeous 3VC carbon bikes.


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