Friday, October 31, 2008

Welcome to Taipei!

Made it to Taiwan without too much trouble. My leg seems to be doing just fine- meaning no signs of new clots... which is a very good thing. I wore my Skins compression tights again, which really do seem to work. I have been using them for all of my flights since the crash and I can say that I do feel like my legs are fresher when I arrive. I admit, I've worn lycra (or other cycling gear) for the past 26 years of my life... and yet wearing the tights (under another pair of pants) just feels "funny"... I have nicknamed them my Mantyhose. I never could quite get comfortable on my flights, as it seemed that either my leg/ foot or ass was always uncomfortable. I had good enough seats that I was able to get into multiple positions to try and remedy the situation, but it never quite worked. However, after taking 3 Tylenol PM... I did eventually drift (collapse) into a nap.

Meeting for lunch with the woman I am coordinating with to do the Masi brand launch here in Taiwan. The after lunch, we are likely going to meet with the fashion designed who is providing the clothes for the event- which is exciting. After the launch tomorrow, I am going to be doing a full-on media blitz, I am told, introducing the line to the Taiwan retailers and consumers both... and I'm both excited and nervous st the same time. My Mandarin is pretty non-existent, so I am very lucky to be working with a great translator.

Here's a few shots of Taipei so far...

After checking in to the hotel, I went for a little walk- around midnight local time- to stretch the legs and get the blood moving. 20 hours worth of flights can leave you a little crooked.

This is one of the larger intersections near the hotel. The lighted wall is pretty cool, as the image keeps moving and changing. There are several smaller sculptures near it that are hard to see here. Many of the intersections around Taipei are like this, with cool art placements.

If you were ever wondering what Mickey's ride of choice is... it's a fixed gear. I knew that mouse had class!

This is from this morning; beautiful waterfall and koi pond downstairs from a large hotel. It is next to a nice restaurant with seats right at the water level. It's one of the many little natural spots sprinkled throughout the city.

Here's the world famous Taipei 101- which is was the world's tallest building before the Burj Dubai completed it's antenna structure this past September. As you can see, the top of the antenna structure of the 101 is obscured in a cloud... as it often is.

Ok, gotta get ready for that lunch, so I will see you all later...


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