Wednesday, October 01, 2008

More cool reviews...

My friend Eric Stobin, over at LeMond Fitness, sent me this really cool link today to a great review of the new SoulVille 10spd. I do have to point out one small bit of incorrect information stated in the review; the writer, Evan- very nice guy by the way, says that the largest size the bikes comes in is a 20", but we do make a larger 22" as well. Outside of that, I'm really stoked they enjoyed the bike so much and gave it such a great review.

I also saw this little beauty on on the new Speciale CX. It's nice to get a bit of love from the largest cycling publication in the US- and possibly the world.

Needless to say... I'm pretty happy with the ways things look right now. I like happy.


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Anonymous said...

I LOVE my Speciale CX!