Saturday, January 03, 2009

Another day of relaxing

It's gonna be really hard to go back to work on Monday after the 4 day weekend this week. The break for Christmas was bad enough, but this second 4 day weekend in a row is going to be murder to get back in the full week routine. Ugh...

Took Masidaughter to the San Diego New Children's Museum today, thanks to my sister getting us year passes (thanks Sis'). It is such a cool place with really interesting architecture and tons of really amazing activities for the kids. The punkin loves the place and I have to admit that daddy digs it too. The weather wasn't as wet as I feared it would be, but it was cool and grey all day, so the indoor fun of the museum really made the day into something much more fun.

Riding on the "legway"... she's barely heavy enough to make it move! But she got the hang of it and was scooting around pretty well.

I love this photo; it's a really cool video installation with multiple cameras playing different segments of a film about a pod of dolphins, with video playing on the walls and floor.

One of the art projects at the musuem is a car that the kids get to paint. The current car is an old beetle... though it is becoming harder to tell that.

Blowing bubbles at the outdoor bubble station. Some of the kids were blowing some outlandishly large bubbles.

She loves to create with clay. I hope she always loves to create... it's such a great gift to have.

The place was literally crawling with tons of children today- apparently I wasn't the only parent in San Diego looking for something fun to do with their kids with the iffy weather. It was so much fun though and we were there all the way until they were closing at 4:00.

Tomorrow is likely to bring more of the same sort of cool, grey weather; maybe I'll end up using that video rental gift card for a few fun flicks to watch from the warmth of the couch...



Kk said...

Wouldn't most adult workplaces be much more fun with a bubble station?

Mack Collier said...

You are so screwed when MasiDaughter starts dating.