Sunday, January 18, 2009

Masi on Monk!

I got an email from a member of the Masi family today;


If you didn't see it Friday, you HAVE to see the latest Monk episode starring a Masi Soulville!!!! (Mr. Monk on Wheels). You probably already know about it but it was so cool to bounce up and down on my couch telling my wife and kids "THAT'S MY BIKE ON TV".

I emailed you for help a few months ago about getting a Soulville. I bought it and love it! Thanks for your input.

Richard Suits

If you weren't a Monk fan before, you have good reason to become one now!

The logos are covered on the frame, but you can see the head badge and the look is unmistakably a Masi SoulVille 3 speed. Awesome, awesome, awesome!

Awesome! Thanks again Richard for bringing this to my attention. I had no idea this was even happening. Very, very cool indeed.



Anonymous said...

I love Monk, I'd have not noticed the bike if you'd not have mentioned it though.

MMcG said...

I noticed it right away - my girlfriend thought I was nuts to be shouting at the TV - hey that's a sweet Soulville!

Anonymous said...

"Agreed, unfortunately described bike was being STOLEN at the time."
Having a product that is NOT #1 among 'lifted' ware is preferable for future sales!
(Hint: Prospective clientele shy away from 'soon to be departed' offerings.)
Time to pedal,

Unknown said...

Twitted this.

Yokota Fritz said...

Oh that's so cool. You can view the video here.