Monday, January 19, 2009

Thanks Thule!

My good buddy Karl Wiedemann is the "PR and Communications Manager" at Thule racks. Karl and the crew at Thule have a nice collection of Masi bikes growing there in Connecticut.

Karl was kind enough to help me get set up with a Thule rack for my Saturn and I am totally in love with it... and so is my scandium Gran Criterium.

Thanks again Karl and Thule!



Anonymous said...

Wow, that's embarrassing, the arm for that lovely free rack will surely send your lovely masi into the windshield of the innocent guy driving behind you. FYI, the "arm" that you put over your carbon bottle cage goes on the front wheel, not your downtube.

Tim Jackson said...

I know... I drove in today with it the right way after hearing from Karl. Typical guy; I never read the instructions. Go figure...