Wednesday, January 21, 2009

What I did tonight...

My friend Becky Carroll is a very smart and savvy Marketer and blogger. So smart, she's actually teaching about the topic at local university, UCSD, in the class Marketing via New Media. Becky was very kind and sincerely flattered me by asking me to come speak to her class as somebody "in the trenches" who is utilizing blogs and other forms of Social Media in a business. It's no secret that I'm pretty passionate about the topic... and it's no secret that I am a rambling talker. I prepared a small PowerPoint presentation last night (and we all know how much I love PowerPoint) in hope that I would ramble less... but it didn't actually work, of course.

Becky going over a few things before the start of the class.

The class listenting to Becky! (Smart group.)

Note; nobody is sleeping in this photo taken after my presentation! I consider that a victory.

Me with Becky after the presentation. Note; she's not crying or throwing me out of the classroom!

My parking permit! My little souvenir of the night... well, beside the photographs and the PowerPoint presentation files... but you get where I'm going with this.

The class itself is 3 hours long, but I spoke at the beginning of the class and was supposed to talk for about 30 minutes... and ended up speaking for an hour instead. I mean... this is ME we're talking about. And yes, for the curious, I did have the usual arm flailing enthusiasm working. I mean... this is ME we're talking about.

The best part; after my presentation, the class had several great questions and some excellent discussion followed. I love that! Second best part; the class itself is comprised of students from countries in Asia, Europe, South America, students from the greater UCSD campus and people from local businesses. That diversity was really exciting to see and to get to speak to.

Thank you again to the class and to Becky for graciously asking me to share my experiences in Social Media.



Donna Tocci said...

Tim - glad you had a good time. I'm sure the class was thrilled with the arm flailing because, having witnessed it, it's fun to watch all that passion...but, more importantly, I'm quite sure they learned some valuable lessons from Masiguy. Congrats!

Anonymous said...

that's really neat professor Masiguy!

libertyonbikes! said...

are you going to post the presentation on the KOOL AID site?
think it'ld be an interesting point to read (free education too).
BTW i just got my RBA with your interview (a little lag time there). Going to write anything for Bicycle Retailer? (like I get anything but year old hand-me -down issues)

Talking Bike Trips said...

Hi Tim,

I'm one of Beck's students and I just wanted to say I loved your presentation !!! Like you I'm pationed about bikes, but in my case mountain bikes. It was great learning about your work and of course about Masi bikes !!!


Anonymous said...

Tim, your photos really captured the night's lecture (except for the arm-flailing!); thank you for posting. The class told me that they got a lot out of your talk; it is always great to get someone in who has been living and breathing this stuff for years, like you.

Thank you again for being our guest speaker, and if you are willing, I would love to have you back another quarter.

You rock!

Tim Jackson said...

Thanks all;

DMT- It was great to be in the class and I was sincerely flattered to have been asked.

Al- I dunno if I'm teacher material... but guest speaker might work out ok.

Libertyonbikes- I have to figure out how to do something with some of the presentation and very well might put something on the Kool-Aid site.

The RBA interview was a lot of fun and I had NO IDEA they were gonna run the whole thing as afeature; I figured it would be part of a group thing with other people from the industry. I haven't written anything for BRaIN in a while, so maybe it's time again.

Liliana- Thank you for not falling asleep! It was really wonderful to share my experiences with you all and to have the discussion that followed. I live for that kind of stuff!

Becky- I was honored my friend and I will HAPPILY return any time you feel you need a long-winded, rambling bike geek in the classroom. It was really an honor for me and I am happy that I was able to provide any kind of value at all. Thank YOU again.

Anonymous said...

Wanted to also add my thanks to you for joining us last night. It was really interesting, informative and entertaining. What more can a student ask for? Will be thinking good thoughts for you and Masi!