Friday, August 07, 2009

SRAM PowerLock 10spd chain connector recall

If you ride on a SRAM 10spd chain, as I do, with the PowerLock connector, SRAM has issued a voluntary recall for the connectors;
Though I have ridden on the same SRAM chains for nearly 3 years using the same connector without one single issue, it sounds as though SRAM is being a proactive supplier and issuing the recall. It's a painful decision to make, but I applaud them for doing it.

(I guess it's a good thing I've got a new Ultegra 6700 bike I'm riding...)



wrw said...

Interesting as ANY product is subject to design vs production ware variation.
Troubled by commonplace issues effecting cycling hardware ultimately traced to such.
Confirms product novelty and quantity trumping QUALITY for a 'presumed' profit?
"Try to support ONLY 'stuff that works!"

Tim Jackson said...

Well, I've had zero issues with any of the chains. I have one chain that I have ridden extensively for the past there years with zero issues. So far, I have had trouble free use of the SRAM road groups.

Knock on wood...

Anne B said...

so is this a hoax? there is nothing on the CPSC site or SRAM.

Tim Jackson said...

It's real- not on the CPSC site to my knowledge, but I got the info from the largest parts distributor in the US... so it's real.

Warren T said...

Still not on SRAM's service site, but several other bike publications are reporting the same thing. Sounds real enough. Regardless ... better safe than sorry.