Monday, January 04, 2010

It's another blog post!

Wow, this makes two days in a row of blogging... that's just sad. It's pretty comical to think that I used to be able to blog at least once a day and often even blogged 2 times or more in a day. How things have changed in the past year or so.

Part of the dilemma is Social Media Channel Overload- not only do I have this blog, but there is Facebook and Twitter... and the Kool-Aid blog that hasn't been touched since my declaration I was relaunching it back in October... and the neglected poetry blog... and the podcast I haven't touched in 6+ months... and the Plurk page. And that's just the stuff that's "mine"... I still have the company websites/ blogs, the Facebook and Twitter accounts for both Masi and Brev M...

Don't get me wrong- I love Social Media and I am not complaining that I have so many outlets for the many and diverse ideas that pop into my head... but it's lately difficult to juggle all of the channels with having a better life/ work balance and the sheer load of The Day Job. I'm not giving up and it isn't like the overall output has gone down... it's just been changing.

See, as much as I really hate to admit it, Twitter and Facebook have really had a much greater impact on the amount of traditional blogging I do these days. I was NOT a fan of Twitter or Facebook in the beginning (and I still think MySpace is terrible, even though I have multiple accounts that have not been touched in a very long time), but they both serve a great purpose of providing a convenient way to communicate very quickly and simply. The blog is my refuge for quality content that doesn't really require conversation (though I always hope there will be one) and Twitter/ Facebook serve as my new home for immediate dialog and conversation. This has come at the cost of more regular blogging, but the overall volume of dialog is actually increased... especially with the ease of being able to communicate from my iPhone so conveniently. So in actuality, it isn't that you're hearing from me any less... you're just hearing from me differently. Kinda.

I find it very intoxicating that while writing this post, I have been having a conversation on Twitter about writing this post. It's a common occurrence for many people who are Social Media nerds like me, but it never grows old to me. Many folks know that I speak on the topic of Social Media, especially with how it relates to small businesses. I write on the topic. I have consulted on it. I pretty much live my life online and breathe SM... and even I get tripped up on it. I've had the conversation with many of my SM peers, people who I really respect, and many have reported similar issues/ problems. One of the more interesting notes is that many of us use our blogs to write more in depth on a topic, with many links and other resources or images, and then use Twitter/ Facebook to have the more immediate dialogs or share news. Many of us who came into SM from the blogging side of things years ago still struggle with this adjustment... but I'm learning to adjust.

Oh yeah... and I rode at lunch today. Another day of riding and getting out of the office. My legs were still tired from the hard (hard-ish) miles over the weekend, but it felt good to be out riding... even if there was a headwind in every direction I rode and my legs felt like I was pedaling through molasses. Riding a bike is awesome and I love it... kinda like my love for Social Media.



Katsu Tanda said...

In no way am I trying to stop you from blogging once a day, but I personally think its too much. I sometimes find it hard to write something once a week unless I am racing.

I kind of like rolling though the blogs I read everyday seeing if someone has updated. The wait for a new post excites me.

Unknown said...

Hey Tim,

Robb Mesecher here with Hi-Torque. Been following you for a bit. Amazing to be at HT for 23 years and never really interact with eachother. I did have dinner with your wife and friends at Vegas. Hopefully we can get out for a ride one of these days. Sounds like it's time for a Masi test! - be safe.