Saturday, January 30, 2010

So, umm... yeah...

I was right, dammit- crazyass week this week. I would say "I told you so", but it's not like there was any argument about it.

The week was a blur... a very busy, Technicolor blur.

Monday I spent the entire day working on a presentation for our new VP of Sales and his trip to Australia to see our distributor there and show them a sneak peek at our 2011 bikes. (No, you can't have one... yet... )

Tuesday was spent getting our demo trailer cleaned out and repacked with bikes for our trip next week to Boulder City, Nevada. All of the bikes were tuned and prepped for the drive and the waiting riders.

Wednesday was spent in the field visiting local retailers and launching the new in-store POP displays we have created for all of the Haro/ Masi brands. This was one of the highlights though- I love being in the field- whether working with retailers or getting to spend time with consumers... I'm a "people person", so I enjoy getting to interact with people.

Thursday and Friday both consisted of attempting to build the presentation I am giving next week, except for that it is still not finished and I really should be working oin that right now... but that's what midnight at Sunday is for, right? Thursday was also my wife's 2nd doctor visit/ baby check-up. The baby is doing fantastic and so is my wife, though she is a bit anemic (which I knew was the case) and is now taking iron pills... which she sincerely hates. Still, overall, it was a very good visit with the doctor and very reassuring as well.

Today I got out for Weekend Worlds again. Unlike last week, I didn't win the final sprint, though I did get 3rd. The legs were just too tired after working too hard on a couple hills before the sprint. My legs never felt all that great this morning to begin with, but I wanted to try to be a little more "well rounded" on the ride today so I rode hard on the few good hills we have on the ride. I made it over the 1st hill with the leaders- since it is a fairly short one- and made the top 20 on the second, more difficult climb which is actually more of a series of stair step climbs. I was far from being a super star, but it was nice to be a little bit more aggressive and not just sitting in for the sprint. The recovery between efforts is getting better and giving me hope for the February 7th Red Trolley Criterium. If I can maintain my form next week while on the road, I'm really thinking I might do the race and get 2010 racing off to a good start... hopefully.

Today was also spent walking the tide pools with my 3 girls. We're having some awesome low tides right now, so it was really great to get to walk around exploring with my girls. I love time like that with them. I also got a nice surprise visit from my step-son. Since the divorce, I don't see him nearly as much as I would like to (which is really very hard for me to accept). He's got his first ever job down the street from my apartment now, so he stopped by on his way home after work. I can't remember the last time I was so happy to have an unannounced guest! I love that boy and miss him more than a few lines in a blog can explain.

Another highlight of the day was getting to record a podcast interview with Josh Boggs from it should be posted pretty soon, so keep an ear out for it. I've "known" Josh for years it seems, but this was the first time we've actually ever spoken! Thanks again to Josh and for having me!

Tomorrow consists of finishing my presentation, doing laundry and packing and trying to get in a ride. Monday morning I leave for Nevada until Friday and will be getting to do some nice riding in Boulder City again around the Hoover Dam. Part of the perk to this trip is leading group rides along the lake and down to the dam. If I have to be away from home for the week, it's good to at least get to ride a lot!

Alright... time to finish this off and prepare for some sleep so I can get up and ride in the morning.


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BE CAREFUL! DO NOT injure your self before this event!