Monday, January 11, 2010

Sore (not soar)...

So today I am sore. After a few days of good, hard efforts... I'm sore. Mostly my back/ neck, right between the shoulder blades and from the base of my neck to the middle of my back. The muscles there are still getting used to being put to use again. Plus, I still can't quite straighten my right arm, so the tricep is always having to do a lot of work. By the time I finish a ride, my right tricep is usually barking pretty hard... some rides I finish with the muscle in full spasm. Oddly, my legs are in the least bit of discomfort.

I rode for an hour in between appointments today. My legs were tired, but otherwise "ok"... it was my back/ neck/ shoulders that were complaining the most. It wasn't an excellent hour, with lots of speed or power... but it was an hour outside in the sun again. Since I intended the ride to be more of a recovery ride, I hopped on my fixed for the spin and rode around the bay for a bit; 1:00:33, 16.4av/ 30.1mx MPH, 16.66mi, 75av/ 134mx RPM, 136av/ 167mx HR. Again, nothing spectacular at all, but a good spin for the legs. The last rise back to my apartment felt like l'Alpe d'Huez on my 46x16... but I made it home to have lunch.

The big appointment of the day was the visit to see my wife's new doctor, who will be delivering our daughter... but the appointment was rescheduled (without us knowing) due to office remodeling. So now, all the anxiety that had built up now has to fester for another couple days for our next attempt on Thursday morning. Hopefully this time we'll actually see a doctor! My poor wife is already not too excited about getting to know a new doctor... but this just makes it worse for her... and, well, me too. So far, my wife is the only one who has "seen" our daughter when she visited her doctor in Taiwan last month. I've only seen her as a photo from the sonogram... but I can feel her moving all the time now and my wife is convinced she stops kicking her in the organs when I place my hand on her stomach- "she's knows it's Daddy", she always says.

Tomorrow is another day out of the office, though this time for a seminar on managing multiple projects. I need the help and I am hoping I come out of the seminar with some great new tools. Things are just moving far too fast these days and I want to get better at organizing my efforts and time. A man can dream, right... Luckily, the seminar is a few blocks from my home in downtown, so once I drop my daughter off at school, I will stop at home and grab a bike so I can ride to the seminar and not have to pay for parking... AND be on a bike!

Alright... that's all I've got for today... with a Moment of Zen...


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