Friday, January 08, 2010

It's Friday... YIPPEE!

It's Friday- do your happy dance!

This has been a long week and my brain is cooked to a crisp... crispy enough that I have a headache that feels like it might crack my head open. I did however manage to get out of the office long enough for a short lunch ride today, after missing my ride yesterday. I struggled a bit to find my rhythm, but I did eventually find my pedals again and was able to salvage my short spin and enjoy my time in the sun.

Tomorrow morning, while my wife is at the pool swimming, I'm going to head out for the weekly group ride again and see if I can make it a little longer this week before I pop. No promises...

Speaking of my wife... tomorrow is also her birthday, so please feel free to leave her a birthday comment here.

Alright- my vision is getting blurry from this headache so I think it's time to unplug for tonight.


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Bike Junkie said...

Happy Birthday to your wife! I hope she has a great day!