Sunday, July 09, 2006

Cub Reporter check-in;

The French didn't take the World Cup, but they did score at the Tour today. It was encouraging to see a brave soul get out there and make the breakaway work – even though he was a French rider. I will be the LAST person you ever hear wishing ill on someone else (ok – that's not true, let's just go with it though, ok?) and I am glad to see this cycling phenomenon succeed even though it wasn't one of my guys. Successful escapes from the peleton are such a rarity and I think that the Brit Babble about it this morning had a good point. PSquared* said there has been a lot of mumbo jumbo going around about guys going for the breakaways for publicity and nothing else. PSquared also mentioned that was a crap thing to say because it's bloody hard work to attempt a breakaway and no cyclist in his right mind is going to go out there and use all that energy in the first week of the TdF just to get there name out there. Thank you Super Brits for making such a valid point. As much as I would love to see Landis (yes, Donna, Landis), Leipheimer, Zabriskie or my love muffin, GH do this instead, at least it happened. It was a snatch inspiring to tell you the truth. I hope our all American Apple Pies come out swinging on Tuesday. We need some presence. Maybe they're waiting to cast the drama for when I'm out there to raise the roof in the flesh. That must be it. It must be.

Bob (Roll, not McGrath) made an interesting point in his OLN report today that nobody predicted yesterday's win and today was no different. So many teams are just trying to stay safe and keep their riders in the game. I think it's the smart thing to not get so audacious about the riding so early.

Righteous Rod strikes again.
Yesterday I wondered why Curious George Hincapie was sporting a number 3 instead of the number 1 I thought he had been wearing all week. I don't admit this often, but I was wrong. Apparently, the numbers are given to the team alphabetically so GH has been 3 the whole time. I know RR is typically right about this kind of thing, but I don't know. Any insight, Donna?

As for the sore throat and cough due to cold I mentioned yesterday, I have been super dosing on the Advil and an expectorant and I expectorant it to all be gone by Tuesday. (TJMG – not bad, huh?) I would like to thank all my intenders and the makers of Advil and whatever the hoochie brand of expectorant I am using.

Enjoy the pic of me and Bob McGrath. . .

5 days to go until BK goes international!


* PSquared refers to Paul and Phil

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Fritz said...

Speaking of the French and soccer games, I wasted two perfectly good hours by watching Steve Martin in The Pink Panther last night.