Thursday, July 27, 2006

Welcome BlogHer!

You'll notice a BlogHer button and link in the upper right corner of my blog now. I wish I could say I was attending, but I will be there in spirit, that's for sure.

My good blogging friend Toby Bloomberg, the Marketing Diva, is discussing my blogger story as a panel speaker at BlogHer this year. Needless to say, I am more than just a little flattered by this honor. Really, I don't deserve it. There are lots of other folks out there doing lots of better things, who are also a lot smarter than me. Still, for some reason, Toby thinks I've been doing something right with this goofy little world of mine. Anywho... thanks Toby!

Hello BlogHer attendees! Thank you for taking the time to swing by this odd little corner of the blogosphere, or as it has been called by other bike-minded folks- the bikeosphere. This blog site is all about cycling, except for when it isn't. I ramble all over the map all the time. This blog was built on the premise of connecting the Masi brand with new and old Masi fans. I wanted to give them a new face to look at and let them know that we are alive and well. Without a marketing budget, I knew I had to go guerilla to get some buzz going. Blogging has proven to be a very successful tool for that. The community of readers and Masi fans has gotten stronger and the brand recognition is greatly improved as well- sales doubled this past year, so something is working. It isn't just because of the blogging that sales increased, but I do firmly believe it has been an ingredient.

Toby will definitely give you more insight in the story and she also profiled my story in two locations, so you can certainly get some background. Toby is amazing, so I know that she will be able to give you more than enough information. However, if you wish to speak directly to me, please feel free to do so; tjackson (at) masibikes (dot) com.

Enjoy the conference and please give Toby a big round of applause for me.



Toby said...

Tim - Great intro to your successful business blog story. Arrived moments ago in beautiful, sunny San Jose and what is the first thing I'm doing .. checking email! Perhaps I'll squeeze a drink poolside later ;-)

Bitch Kittie said...

I'll bet it's Cubbie they REALLY want.

Fritz said...

BlogHer is about women blogging, so how comes they're talking about you?

They picked a Really Bad Weekend to do the event, incidentally. The San Jose Grand Prix starts tonight and downtown San Jose is a complete gridlocked mess. It's kind of fun to bike through it all, though you really have to keep on your toes -- people darting into any available open space from side streets means lots of very close encounters!

I duct-taped a cam to my helmet last night to video the action, but this morning I had second thoughts and left the dorky-ugly thing at home.

super rookie said...

only certain guys are willing to send a picture of them in their office with ANOTHER PICTURE OF THEMSELVES ON THE WALL!

Someguy Masiguy is!