Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Ever listened to the Masiguy?

I've been so swamped with all of the stuff for our big sales meeting that I never got the chance to share this cool little bit of fun.

My good buddy Tim Grahl, from the Crooked Cog Network, did a really cool podcast interview with me recently and it is now up for your listening pleasure. Tim and the Crooked Cog Network are decidedly geared towards all things dirt, versus road, but he and I still get along really well because we both just really love bikes. Tim's a great guy, so the interview was really easy to do- it was kind of like talking to my brother or any other good friend. Anyway, it's a fun listen and I was surprised by what a dork I really am... forgive me for rambling on and on... I can't help myself.



super rookie said...

still sounds soft to me.

Anonymous said...

Wow...still as much of a kook (loveable one though) as I remember.

Fritz said...

Welcome back, TJMG. I listened to the podcast over the weekend and Tim Grahl did a great job with it -- best inaugural podcast ever! :-)

~bc said...

I enjoyed your interview, don't be self-conscious. It was the best advertising your brand's ever had, you should get a bonus (have your boss call me if he thinks you've prompted me to say that).

Between your blog and this interview, you're truely an asset to your company. My knowledge of your company went from "sounds maybe vaguely familiar, despite never seeing a frame" to "listened to a 10 minute passionate interview (effectively an infomercial for Masi -- this podcast), read a bunch of the blog, and perused your frames at your website." So that's zero to 1,000 in no time flat. Bravo.