Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Further proof that my wife is funnier (not smarter) than me.

I received the following from my wife...

I warn you, this is funny, so if you are drinking something... get a wipe...

Masiwife; Your Post is rife with spelling errors.
You have got to stop drinking and writing.

Masiguy; Does it wreak?

MW; Oh it reeks all right.
Can we just pretend that sense I didn't post (that'd be SINCE dear)
yay! (or yeah, like they use in Monty Python as well as the rest of the English-speaking world)
Guy like Hincapie are trying to figure how (Is Guy trying to be like Hincapie or is Hincapie the guy)
Tuesday and Wednesday will rally hurt some folks (No! No! Not the rally hurt! Anything but the rally hurt!)
The Cubbie is now in France, eating brie and drinking Chardonnay by now. (Yeah, but what about now?)
or she might be chaising George around (are you saying she's laying on chair, in the sun?)
Tomorrow is a big, bug day, so let's hope all the riders are rested and ready (A big BUG day? Where are they riding?)
I'd lke to give a special thanks to Jessi' mom (is Jesse' mom your baby-mama?)

MG; Jesus you are funny! I love you. Will you keep marrying me?

(I'm posting this by the way...)

MW; Not unless your spelling improves.



iheartbikes said...

I was wondering what a big bug day was also...

Fritz said...

Thank God for Google Toolbar Spell Check.

Donna Tocci said...

OMG - I laughed out loud!

Anonymous said...

I wasn't gonna' say nuthin'


blue squirrel said...

i am going to stay out of this onea and sit back and laugh at him, thanks masiwife... his insistence that his grammer is better than mine, only goes to show that even the giants fall, and i do mean big giant fat ass ugly sprinter [but we love you timmy, now do one more interval]


James said...

Very funny. Remember, no bad spelling aloud Tim (now where could I have possibly I heard that before).