Saturday, July 29, 2006

Cubbie's final Tour DAY France thoughts;

Tour Recap by Cubbie

Sorry this took so long to write out – I got a bit nervous when BlogHer got on board to tell you the truth. I've also got a boatload of pics here and more to come, so enjoy.

I'm seriously bummed that the French don't understand cold. McDonald's in France gives you 4 ice cubes in your Coca Cola Lite (which is gross) and the AC is non existent. It's a bit like my idea of Arkansas in the 1970s. That is my biggest gripe about France.

The race was amazing. I'd never seen such a big race happen live. It was truly very cool to FEEL the riders come through the finish at what felt like a million miles an hour – uphill. These are such remarkable athletes to say the very least. I was thrilled to see Floyd win and I'm sure you want my official take on the testosterone issue. He didn't do it intentionally. I think it's the French media sounding off. I'm going to say he's innocent until he changes his story. That's just me – and Bob too.

I really loved the scenery of France. As you can see in the photos, it's gorgeous. It is amazing that so much land has remained untouched – I'm a bit proud of the French for that. The small towns weren't anxious to have people ordering ketchup with the fritas, but whatever they served with the fries looked like . .. well. . . you know. (I'm a bit self conscious now that BlogHer is on board, so sorry if this doesn't have the same spin.)

I am going to be working on a lot in the upcoming weeks. Tons of new stuff to get out there, maybe even some new features, such as BK's Scratching Post.

Here are a few of Cubbie's Travel Tips for you to ponder on your next trip.
Wear pants on the airplane. It gets damn cold on there.
Always bring a thingy for your hair. I couldn't find a place to get a damn rubber band for my hair to save my soul.
Don't pack crappy food for the flight because you'll eat it. The airplane food really isn't that bad anymore.
Drink tons of water. Bring a few water bottles with you.
Bandanas can be your friends. I can't believe I didn't bring one.
If you're going overseas, seriously consider first class. It looks SO much more comfortable.

It's been real folks, thanks for tuning in .. .
Jet Lagged Cubbie-- Jessi Pacetti
Team Bobke

(Ed- For some reason, Blogger will not allow me to post photos- I will keep trying though. It's working now!)

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