Thursday, June 26, 2008

Coming up for air...

Today was another busy day- of course.

Finished the editing of the catalog copy. Worked with the Graphic Department on setting up the pagination layout and photo needs. Nearly finished the short "bullet spec" that goes with each model.

Had a late day meeting with our important visitors. Originally, the plan was to give my presentation, along with my other Brand Management cohorts, tomorrow. Plans got changed, so we each presented our brands and had our brand discussions. I went last at 3:30- I was lucky to get my sister to pick up the Masidaughter from Y-camp, so I didn't have to worry about the time. The presentation seemed to go well enough and I am looking forward to a likely increase in some budgets. One thing you can definitely expect to see coming from the Masiguy Global Domination HQ- more video. I'm going to get a Flip video camera in the coming days and begin a very informal, but informative, video program. Look to see product highlights, product spotlights, sneak peeks and other cool features in the near future.

That said, I'm whooped and ready for bed... so I'm heading off to sleep.

But first things first; I want to congratulate my good friend Tim Grahl and his wife Candace on the birth of their second son- Max. Max' older brother Conner will be keeping him company and showing him the tricks of the trail in no time. Congratulations Grahls!

Ok... now sleep.



Chole said...

it's really amazing that you do so much, I'm not sure I could handle so much on my plate!

Good luck with your continued healing!

Donna T. said...

Congrats on the successful presentation. I was wondering if you were going to forget that you had crutches and do the arm flailing and hit one of the VIPs with a crutch...not so good for increases in budgets. ;)

Glad to hear Masidaughter is with you this week - how fun!

Oh...and don't touch that little wire (eek).

Have a great weekend