Sunday, June 01, 2008

She's 7 now.

It's hard for me to believe that Masidaughter turned 7 years old at 6:34Am yesterday. It seems like just yesterday that I was able to cradle her tiny head in my palm and her feet would barely reach my elbow.

They really do actually grow up much faster than you think. These 7 years have gone by so fast! She's gone from riding in her trailer to riding on her Trail-A-Bike behind me. The next step is the removal of training wheels and a whole new world of fear and excitement for me. First grade is wrapping up now and soon she'll be in second grade and then college.

Sometimes when I look at her, the world seems impossibly big and frightening and other times it seems full of hope and endless possibilities. Her brother will be 16 in October and he bounces through the world like most boys do- a few scrapes here and there, but he gets back up and jumps back in. My daughter is the same way, but I admit the cliched daddy fears of a father for a daughter. I'm not saying it's right, but it's still there.

For now, I'm content to simply watch her grow. Tomorrow I'll go back to being terrified. But for now... she's 7 now and fills her daddy's heart with great love and pride.

Happy birthday, baby girl.



ensenadajim said...

You need to start buying baseball bats for all those guys who will be coming along in a few years. ;->


UltraRob said...

Time sure does fly. My oldest is now 5. We just got her a trailer bike but I haven't taken her out yet. She keeps begging to go without the training wheels.

FunkyLaneO said...


I just taught my 4 year old to ride without training wheels, here is the method I used:

I actually removed the pedals for the first step because they kept getting in the way but it took about 20 minutes for her to get the balance thing down, I put the pedals back on and she was pedaling around the park in less than an hour from when we started.

And as an added bonus, no scrapes or bruises, just grass stains on her jeans.


Fritz said...

Happy birthday Masidaughter!

Donna T. said...

Maybe you should go back to school with Masidaughter in the fall...first grade, second grade, college? Really? Go back and recheck your math, young man! :)

The look in the first picture is priceless (just let me finish my CAKE people)...take a good look because you are going to get it a lot when she turns about 13...!

I wish you lots and lots of luck. She's a beauty and are IN TROUBLE, my friend.

And, Masidaughter...Happy, Happy Birthday!

Rambling Canuck said...

I hear ya! My son is 5 and he's starting kindergarten in Sept. Huh?! Where does the time go. I've got to hand it to him. At age 4 he demanded the training wheels be taken off. He wiped out a couple of times but was up riding and braking within the day. So fun to watch.

Get well.

James said...

Tim, my daughter is 7 too, so I know what you mean about the "cliched daddy fears". I obviously love all of my kids the same, but she is the one who I feel like I need to protect the most (right or wrong). Luckily, she has two brothers who look out for her too.

They do grow up fast. I don't have to tell you to enjoy every second along the way.

Anonymous said...

Yep. Time with kids goes quickly. My eldest is 12 and youngest is 9. It's as if they were born yesterday.

Get well soon, Tim.

P.S. Does anyone make any MASI shirts or apprael? What a great way to sell the product. What about via

Kristen said...

She is one cute gal. What a great pic of father and daughter. Love it!

Anonymous said...

wow, she is a beautiful girl!!