Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Why isn't it Friday yet?

This is one of "those weeks". Been super busy all week; catalog pressures are still high- working on final edit of the copy I finished writing Sunday night, have important meetings tomorrow and Friday with our most important VIP's, been dealing with doctors and insurance and I have Masidaughter this week (though that's a highlight).

The catalog copy needs a final edit and then is done. After this hectic week, I'll also write the short bullets of spec highlights that accompany the photos of each bike model. I also have to work with my Product Manager and the creative folks to lay out the way I want the spec pages to read. All of the bikes have been photographed though and that is a big deal.

Our VIP's are here this week, for meetings that start Thursday. It's always a stressful time because it;s just always stressful when you go over all those budget things and talk about financial performance over the past fiscal year, etc. I am NOT a number person- anybody who knows me can vouch for that- so this stuff is painful for me. However, after the number part of things, I get to cut loose and talk about my goals and vision for the brand and what I hope we can attempt to accomplish in the coming fiscal year. It's a stressful presentation, but I love what I do and the product that will either keep me employed or get me fired, so I get pretty worked up in the meetings.

Got my blood drawn yesterday and my INR values are finally where they want them to be, so I actually don't need to see them for another blood test for 4 weeks! Woohoo! I'm happy about that. But I also find out that my referral information and other things have been getting mailed to an address I haven't lived in for 14 years. Also found out my neck x-rays didn't get ordered. Had to cancel my follow-up appointment with my neurologist because of the x-rays. But now I'm getting the x-rays next week. My crutches are bruising the hell out of me and are making me very cranky. Plus tonight, cleaning and re-dressing the Bionic Thumb, I moved the pin again... and nearly barfed and then passed out. I managed not to... but it was close, especially after watching it bubble like crazy when I poured hydrogen peroxide on it. Ugh...

The doodlebug is with me this week, which certainly improves my outlook on life, but it does add an extra layer of stress in my current condition. She's on summer vacation, so this week she is going to camp at the YMCA. It's swimming camp, so she's in heaven because she loves to be in the water. It just means very busy mornings getting her and I both ready for work and then that mad dash out the door. But... at night she is like a tranquilizer and I can feel a lot of stress just falling away.

Ok, tomorrow is another big day so I'm off to bed. Wish you all well.



j.d. kimple said...

Amen for the kids.

Just so you know, I've been drooling over the 'cross bike almost daily. Mmmm... muddy gut-wrenching self-abusing goodness.

Fritz said...

Hah, my daughter's been hanging out in the office with me also.

Lyn said...

Tim, good luck with your project this week and future endeavors. I hope your physical suffering will be over soon. What an amazing, talented man you are! Thanks for sending your plurk bubbies to this page. Lyn Weis(soapbox)