Friday, June 20, 2008

Studio Time...

Today was studio day. "Gee, Tim, what's Studio Day?" Well, that's a great question; studio day is when we set up all the bikes in our little mini photo studio and shoot the pictures of the bikes for the catalog. It tends to be a rather tedious project, for the most part.

It's a (never ending) series of little tasks; wiping off finger prints and dust, getting seat in right position, seatposts at right height, bars at right angle, brake levers in right position, no gaps in bar tape, no kinks in chains, chain in right gear, pedals in right position, tires in right position, valve stems in right position, crank arms in the right position, all components are correct (or can at least be Photoshop'd if they aren't)... and then repeating countless times for all the bikes. And then when you get the catalog done, you always find mistakes. Bikes fall over, you notice issues after you've already shot a few pics and then have to start over, you find a footprint on the paper background, etc... it's just a bit tedious and tiring.

For me though, this year is fun, even if terribly stressful; catalog copy still isn't done and I have to finish it this weekend because I have to work on my fiscal year-end report/ presentation next week. On top of it, my desk is UPstairs and the studio is DOWNstairs... and I made the trip about 10 times today, on crutches with bruised underarms/ torso... so that part wasn't fun. BUT... I really love what I get to do for a living and getting to see the bikes that we have worked SO hard to create is just an immense thrill for me. This is as pretty as they'll ever look- good lighting, great positioning, great photography... so it's a kinda special time for this bike nerd.

Getting ready to stage a bike- the white paper is used for the catalog sideviews- makes for easier clipping.

Getting all the details handled... and yes, that IS one sexy freakin' bike!

I tried to see if our photographer extraordinaire, Pete Demos, could even make me look good... but I think I broke the lens.

On the right is Photo-Gawd, Pete Demos, and his new intern Billy.

This is my Product Manager, Wayne- Waynbow, Bearded Lady, Taiwayne- Doran. When it is really busy during catalog season, we sometimes let him out of his cage and give him little snacks; he's partial to Monster and Doritos.

Searching for inspiration. Sometimes Pete needs direction and he loves it when you try to tell him how to take pictures- really, he does.

In the end though, it's worth each second! Check out the great family portrait! You KNOW you want a sexy new steel bike- especially after seeing this!

It's enough to make a broken Brand Manager happy... the Bionic Thumb is happy too.

Yes, there will be more to come...



Smelley said...

Resident Soulville junkie checking in here:

I'm seeing what appears to be a red Soulville with a front caliper brake, two rings up front, plus at least a chain tensioner, and perhaps a derailleur, on the rear.

Care to share the details on this or any other additions /modifications to the Soulville lineup-which just still has to be one of the sexiest bikes I've seen.

I'm moving from a place with no Masi dealer in site to a town with a Masi shop, so it's possible my lengthy lust affair with the Soulville might be consumated at some point. What further options do we have to look forward to.

As usual, Tim, you are just brilliant at what you do. I've just spent 10 minutes poring over each of these photos.

matt said...

Family photo => goldish one on the left side = Lovely.

Mark Ritz said...

Wow, them's some sexy bikes! When I was a Product Manager, I loved this time of the year, when I was watching the fruits of my team's labors see the light of day. You have one of the best jobs in the world. Keep up the great work and I can't wait to see them in person at Interbike!

Luc Debaisieux said...

Besides the fact that these bikes look fantastic, I must say that the picture of you is definitely talking to me. I see SO much positive energy in there! This said, it also feels like you're about to jump up or do something crazy like that... My advice : wait a little more for the action shots, caus' we need you to do insightful posts like this one (not to mention the addictive funky-bionic Tim Plurks).

Anonymous said...

More info the geared Soulville please. Please tell me it has the same type of dropouts as my Specialle Commuter. I very much want Soulville with front and rear brakes and of course single speed.