Sunday, June 22, 2008


After weeks of beating my head against my computer... I have finally finished writing the copy for our Fall catalog. The copy is nowhere near as pretty as the bikes, but I can live with that.




Joel said...

It's all about the small victories. Congrats.

Donna T. said...

I know that feeling...congrats!

nickm said...

Some cool Masi pic's on from the Tour of Ohio. Go Team Inferno!

Here is a great one:

wrw said...

"I do hope somewhere within this latest literary masterpiece you highlighted the advantage of owning and cycling aboard a MASI brand bicycle."
Wager this important FACT is missing ...

K-Ro said...

That's awesome - I work as a copywriter for an ad agency and every day I hope I'm one day closer to writing about stuff I love, i.e.: road bikes!