Wednesday, June 18, 2008

News and Pics

News for today;

I received confirmation from Ben Delaney, the editor of VeloNews, that they will be running an essay I wrote for them. The July 2nd issue, #13 (how poetically ironic is that), will feature a guest-written At the Back. If you're familiar at all with this segment of the magazine, it tends to be a fun section and most guest writers are professional riders, mechanics or other interesting personalities. For years, it was the domain of former staff writer Maynard Hershon (who I have always really admired). This privilege comes about largely due to the fact that I somehow befriended the amazing Patrick O'Grady. Patrick writes for VeloNews, is a cartoonist as well and does double duty over at Bicycle Retailer and Industry News. Pat apparently has some very incrominating photos and/or receipts that were compelling enough for Delaney to offer the spot to me for one issue.

For me, as a bike nerd and race geek, VeloNews has always been a very sacred publication. I have been reading VeloNews for as long as I can remember being in the sport of cycling. I always dreamed of being in the pages of the magazine- though I always thought it would be as a professinal rider. Now, as the Brand Manager at Masi, I run the occasional ad in VeloNews, the bikes show up in the magazine, the fantastic guys of Inferno Pro Cycling get talked about in the mag' and now I will have a brief guest appearance. Without waxing on for too long about this- it's pretty damned huge to me. All that's missing is a technical Q&A with Lennard Zinn!

And... nearly best of all; the column nearly always is accompanied by a cartoon illustration by the unbelievable David- Brintoni- Brinton... and so will "my" visit. I saw the illustration today, thanks to Ben Delaney sending me a sneak peek. Needless to say... WOO-HOO!

So run out and get yourself a copy of the mag when it lands in a few weeks, or keep an eye on your mailbox for your subscription copy to arrive. Bring it with you to Vegas, for Interbike, and I'll even autograph it for ya... HA, HA, HA... couldn't resist.

And now for some pics... as promised...

Here are a few sneak peek images of the new Fall bikes coming. They are BEYOND pretty... so start saving your milk money.

The frameset in front is the new Speciale Sprint (same as what I was testing when I crashed... but in better shape). Same geometry as the Coltello aluminum race frameset, but in sweet-riding Reynolds 631 tubing.

The green frame is the new color of the Coltello (available late summer... I hope). I named the color Metallic Swamp Green. It is sparkly and gorgeous! Looks WAY good in the sunlight- this photo does it no justice at all.

In the bacground is the 3VC Team Issue carbon frameset- full carbon frame, full carbon fork, Ritchey headset and Ritchey WCS carbon seatpost- an awesome package deal.

Not telling you what bike this is, but I LOVE the new artwork. And the new paint it SWEET... this is one fine machine.

Not telling you which model this is in the carbon line, but this new color is simply breathtaking; the metallic Ruby Red paint on top of the UD finish carbon is insane. It looks completely 3D.

Here's the CXR and the Speciale. Both are in the current Spring/ Summer line as well... but they sure are sexy bikes. I really love them both.

That's all for tonight. I have to drag this out and torture you as long as I can... it's called Marketing. I have more and I will give you more snippets soon. Tomorrow the bikes are getting their studio shots, so I'll have full-blown glamour shots for you then.

More good stuff to come- promise.



TheNanny612 said...

Looks like it was an amazing first week back to work. I'm so thrilled for you Tim.

Smelley said...

FWIW, I like the site redesign.

But the actual reason for my comment is those sweet new frames. Keep the photo love coming. We dig it.

Blair said...

Masi bike porn and coffee..great start to the work day. Sweet pics.
Take it easy.

blackmountaincycles said...

Not that is probably matters much coming from me, but the white outline with the white background makes the "MASI" look a little wimpy...referring to the green frame and the white frame with the faux panel. The fonts on those frames looks like they are being stretched tighter than a cher's last "procedure."

kmunse said...

Tim~ With all that you've been through, you sooo deserve this great news. Your site changes are awesome too and just goes to show that you are truly on the mend.
Hugs and Congrats! :)

Anonymous said...

love your sense of humor regarding the velonews Zinn Q&A joke...keep it up....the swamp matallic green color looks amazing...and i'm sure better in the sun..but i can tell...looks great....the carbon bike with ritchey components is uber-pimp as well...Tim, you are def. back!

Anonymous said...

must have a CXR!!

Bernie said...

whoa... love the new site and the new bikes.

Yokota Fritz said...

Woot! That's fantastic, Tim. You should go visit Boulder for a week and ride -- there's a fair chance you could run into Zinn "accidentally."

The site redesign looks great!

James T said...

Very cool! Congrats on the essay in VeloNews. Can't wait to read it and see the accompanying cartoon.

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the essay, Tim!