Friday, June 27, 2008

In the bag!

This week is done and in the bag... finally! Just a couple little things away from being done with catalog copy 100%- just need to finish the last of the individual bullet specs. Almost done.

Now it's time to make a total change of gears and start new product development again. Got LOTS of projects on the plate for my Product Manager and I. Lots and lots of work ahead. Fwew... no rest for the wicked- ever.

Got through the week without losing my mind- which is good. Presentations went well and things looked good. I'm very excited to be getting ready to begin some video projects soon. Speaking of video...

Help me with content for videos you'd like to see. I have a bunch of my own ideas, like educational pieces on different models of bikes, or videos on why we do things the way we do- the basics. But I also want to do things like little interviews with people in the company or team riders/ sponsored athletes. I also want to do my own version of a mini tradeshow from Las Vegas- discussions about the various bikes, impromptu conversations with industry folks abd athletes. Looking forward to some fun bits too- like videos riding on the track, or out on training rides. Maybe going through some product reviews as well.

Thing is, I really want to tailor these videos to what YOU want to watch. So send me some ideas and I'll put them all together and start building a library of ideas. After all, there for your entertainment/ education... not mine. It's all about you... no really... it is. So gimme thoughts/ ideas.

Ok. It's been a long week folks. Masidaughter is now sleeping and I will be doing the same shortly. Enjoy your weekend... please.


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Chole said...

so what i'd really like a little story/video on is how you handle the masifamily and bicycling...

my father raced for about 5 seasons, and was a touring cyclist for much much longer, and never introduced me to the sport. It's like pulling teeth now that i'm into it to get him to talk about anything...

I fear that I'll wax the opposite and 'force' my (future) kids into cycling.

How do you handle it?