Thursday, June 12, 2008

I haven't given up yet.

It's been a few days since my last post- all for the same reasons I listed for the previous delays; not much to report as I sit here on my arse trying my best to heal.

Yesterday was a pretty decent day though- I saw the neuro surgeon who saw me in the hospital the night of the crash. His greeting when he stepped into the examining room- "How's it going Crash?" I love a sense of humor. After filling out 213 pages of information in the lobby with my less-than-perfect right hand, it was a relief to get into the examining room and see him. Thing is, he first had his partner speak with me and ask me some questions... and I wasn't sure if HE was my doctor or not- since I have NO memory of the doctor. The first 2-3 days in the hospital are almost completely a fuzzy blur because I was on really heavy doses of morphine for the pain. But after getting things more or less figured out, we determined that my neck appears to be doing pretty darned good. So good in fact that I get to remove this danged cervical collar and replace it with a much shorter and more comfortable soft brace in a week or less. This means I will soon be able to legally drive again! This is great news towards regaining my freedom. In another couple weeks, I'll find out when I get to take the brace off completely.

After 3+ weeks of fighting with the medical groups, trying to get the authorization to see the fantastic orthopedic surgeon who put my thumb back together, I was told on Monday of this week that my request had been denied and that I had to start all over with a new ortho who knows nothing about me and my injuries... but after going to MY regular doctor and getting a referral again. So... I was given an appointment for this Friday. Ok... now today I get a call from the doctor's office saying that I had an approved referral. But for what? I'd just seen the neuro and didn't have any other referral requests in the system to my knowledge- other than possibly for the x-rays requested by the neuro yesterday. Out of curiosity, I gave the doc' a call to see "what's up, doc?" Turns out... I got the ok to see the ortho I'd been turned down to see. HUH? So now I have to wait for them to MAIL me the authorization so I can try to schedule an appointment with the miracle man and get the pin removed and the knee and elbow further evaluated. UGH... but it's a step in the right direction. Finally...

Today was also my last visit with my homecare nurses; I'm going back to work next Monday... one way or another. So today I got just a blood draw to check my blood levels for the Coumadin I'm taking. Earlier in the week I met with my physical therapist, Sandy. Sandy has been great... at bringing me nearly to tears... but still great. Little by little, things are moving towards something that resembles recovery. YEAH!

The big event of the day though was this;

One with mood lighting so you can read the note...

... and one where you can better see the actual contents.

The guys of Inferno Pro Cycling, our wonderful race team, sent a little goody basket of Belgian Feel Better Juice. Another reason why I love Belgium, aside from slippery wet cobblestones in the months of February, March and April- Belgian beer! Who needs painkillers when you've got beer! Thanks guys (and Ryan for tracking it down to my doorstep)- I'll think of you with each sip... until I can no longer remember your names.

Ok, that's I got for today. Masidaughter has been a HUGE blessing this week. Keeping up with her all week has been running my batteries down pretty fast, but it's been worth each second.

I'm gonna try and post again this week as well as record another podcast (even though I have been saying that since the last post).

Be safe. Have fun. Give thanks.



Mark Ritz said...

Hey Tim,

Glad to see a new post and to hear that you're feeling better. Physical therapy can be a bitch, though. That ale should help a lot!
See you in Vegas.

stickboy said...

Ohhhh! Chamay. I love that stuff. Those Belgium monks make some terrific stuff. Enjoi!