Monday, June 06, 2005

Another page from the book of Goober;

Well, I promised I would post pictures today of the completed track bike... which is really beautiful. However, upon charging the camera battery and taking the pictures, I returned to my desk to download the images only to discover that I forgot the USB cable to be able to extract said pictures. If you could look at them on the LCD window on my camera, you'd agree that it built up into a great looking bike. I really look forward to showing it to you, but you'll have to wait until I get home tonight and get my fingers on the cable.

At least I got to go for a ride on Saturday after helping my folks move some furniture around for a few hours. While my daughter was napping, my son was playing basketball and my wife was deeply engrossed in her book I snuck out for a nice 40 mile spin on the Gran Criterium. I love that bike. True race thoroughbred- stiff, light and fast. I weighed it about a week ago and without any really lightweight parts, it comes in at almost exactly 19 lbs. That's a 60cm bike with pedals and relatively stock stuff. I'd be willing to bet I could get it to a good 17.5 and I could still actually ride it. I thought that was pretty impressive. It's not as comfortable a ride as the Speciale Carbon, but it is one fast darned bike. I am no climber anymore- due to my 215lbs of track sprinter build- but I was jamming up the hills on Saturday.

Bikes are cool... forget what your friends told you in school.



Anonymous said...

hmm.. i see you defimitely have a case of cycleitis. i recommend a healthy dose of track whoopass on tues night.

curious bob m.d.

Anonymous said...

215 pounds?!?

When you haul ass does it take you two trips?

Anonymous said...

huh, my friends did tell me bikes were cool in school.
oh, cd, don't let his big ass fool you, i have used it as wind block going up many a hill.