Sunday, June 05, 2005


Congratulations to Chris Wherry on his thrilling ride to take the USPro National Championship race in Philadelphia today. Chris earned himself a great new jersey for the next year with a gutsy move in the closing moments of an exciting race. Chris Horner was good enough for 3rd today, with only two other races in his legs since fracturing his hip this spring. Horner was, as always, one of the animative protagonists in the race. I sure hope his team directors were impressed enough to put him on the list of potential riders for the Tour de France, since he is obviously regaining his form. It's scary to think that today's race was only his third since stopping racing to recover from his hip fracture. Danny Pate rode well for 2nd and deserves a big pat on the back as well. Jell Belly was one of the out-gunned teams today, on paper anyway, and Pate rode a great race for his team. The former U23 Time Trial World Champion showed great class today.

An all-American podium in Philly- who would of thought it possible?


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Pete LaVerghetta said...

Only the second time in 21 years that the top 3 were all Americans. It was nice to see the first rider across the line get the jersey, too. The three worked together prefectly and had no problem satying away. I had the please of setting up the course and tearing it down afterward, fun stuff.