Tuesday, October 18, 2005


Just have to send a little thanks to Ted (you know who you are...) for the great gift.

I don't know whether I should pull the cork and chug the bottle down or hold on to it. Either way, I'm very greatful for the gift.

Spoke to a good friend, who does marketing/PR for some other bike companies (wink, wink... nudge, nudge), this morning. She had some very complimentary things to say about the perceived progress the Masi brand is making these days. I was flattered and touched by the generous compliments.

So today I find myself in the position of thanking people again. Honestly, each compliment I receive is very much appreciated and gives me the motivation to keep trying to make this brand continue growing into the bigger and better brand I believe it can be.

So once more; thanks.

Tomorrow night is a wonderful boy's night out for me; a night of good Scotch, good cigars and night-time saltwater flyfishing. I haven't stepped into my waders and gotten into the water in months, too many months, so I am very eagerly anticipating some good fishing. I'll try to remember my camera and get some pictures of the fun and frivolity.

Back to work now... too much to do still...


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Anonymous said...

nice pic!

Booze at work - one of my favorite modern taboos, even though I've never partaken of it myself.