Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Daily Drive; Halloween edition

Here we are- the Princess and me;

She's so damned cute, she deserves her own picture;

Notice how the Devil Dog is almost awake/ almost asleep... waiting to attack.



Donna Tocci said...

Is that the look you are going to give boys when they come to your door looking for Masidaughter in a few years? It's effective..."I know she's a cutie and she's my princess now back off young sonny". HA
She's truly a cutie. Nice that the doggie got in the photo, too, but where is the costume for the dog??

Anonymous said...

So sweet, Tim! What a cutie.

blue squirrel said...

donna, tim has a much better look than that one, trust me.

Queen of Couth said...

Tim - what kind of dog is that?
Peace out

Anonymous said...

Devil Dog looks awfully sweet! I dressed up my Lhasa apso for Halloween.

dan23dan23 said...

Where did you get that purdy blue track jacket?