Friday, October 27, 2006

Daily Drive

A special Daily Drive thanks goes out to my Comrade, Patrick O'Grady- thanks for the shirt!

Here's a shot from the drive home yesterday as well; we have a wild fire in Palm Springs that has filled the skies with smoke and ash, creating an eery red sky... spooky...

Still, this is nowhere near as bad as a few years ago when nearly all of SoCal was on fire. That turned day into night and everything, everywhere smelled like smoke.

(PS- I know this is way, way late... but Blogger was all screwy so I couldn't upload anything... notice the time stamp at the bottom...)

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Anonymous said...

I was in palm springs in January last year for work. Hopefully go back in 2007. Well maybe not as desert riding sucks. But that climb out of PS to San Deigo is the bomb. Wish I had my sports car with me!!!