Monday, October 02, 2006

Interbike 2006; part two

The first part of Interbike was the Dirt Demo (as covered in the previous post). On Wednesday, things headed inside to the Sands Convention Center for three days of sparkling goodies under the lights.

Day One;
Fortunately for me, since I was outside at demo, somebody else got to build my show booth for me. It came out great and I am very happy with it.

(Shiny and clean! Thanks to Wayne and the other Haro folks who toiled away on the booth.)

The show was a huge success on the first day. We got to the booth before 8:00 to get things ready for the throngs of gawkers and top tube strokers. (I wiped off lots of hand prints during the day.) The show ended each day at 6:00, but I didn't leave the booth the first day until nearly 7:00 becuase I was going through the line with folks. Yeah!

Wednesday was also the special evening with Bob Roll, presented by Kryptonite and my good friend Donna Tocci. It's no secret that I'm a Bob Roll fan. Some, like Bob's business partner and my close friend Jessi Pacetti might say that I border on "stalker". Until the restraining order takes effect though, they're just kidding. Donna put me on the list to attend the special dinner with Bob... because she's really cool... and I got to hang out with Bob. Bob. BOB!
(Yep, that's me with Bob Roll. Me with Bob Roll. ME WITH BOB ROLL!)

The dinner was excellent, the company was even better and the Bob chat was very entertaining. If you ever meet him, ask him about his driving experiences in Georgia with Phill Liggett.Gotta give a quick nod to my new friends over at Missing Saddle. I hung out with Curtis and Skiles and laughed my ass off. Two really damend funny dudes who also happen to be race nerds like me. Check out their site... please.

No evening with Bob would be complete without the BK herself- the inimitable Jessi Pacetti.

(Here's the back of her head. I can't remember if this was a pep talk or if it was when she thought she had a turkey wrap in her eye.)

After the Bob dinner, we scampered off to the Sinclair Imports party. This is the industry's "pretty people partty". I've never gone to it before, for obvious reasons, so getting a pass this year seemed really danged cool. Sadly, it wasn't as cool as I would have liked. It was packed to the hilt with people, although the scenery from 50+ stories over the city was quite lovely. I hung out with Chad, Mark and Matt from the A&F team- my boys (who are giong to kick a ton of ass on Masi bikes next season). There was some guy there named Mario. Some kind of famous Italian former pro... Cipollini or something like that. He was standing right beside me at one point- probably wanted an autograph or something.

After Sinclair, it was time for bed to prepare for day two in the Sands...

More to come. I'm pooped.



Donna Tocci said...

Glad you had a good time at the party, Tim. And, folks, I can attest to the fact that when Tim arrived at the party...WITH Bob (or stalking him, maybe??)...he was grinning from ear to ear. That's what it's all about at Interbike - doing a lot of work and meeting some great people, who love bikes and riding, to have a little fun with.

Queen of Couth said...

Hey TTP -
The pic was definately the pep talk. I had gotten the turkey wrap outta my eye on the PREVIOUS shot. :) I'll put the quote here. More of your cronies will see it here:

"I've alwasy been jealous of guys like Tim. They're so tidy".
-Bob Roll

Love you BB (Big Brother)

Tim Jackson said...

BK- I believe you meant to say;

"I'm always really jealous of guys like Tim Jackson. They're always so good looking and tidy. I've always wanted to be one of those guys."
-Bob Roll

Best damn quote to come out of Vegas.

Those turkey wraps were great too, by the way. Donna doesn't even eat meat and she had great food for us. The ribs were 'licious!

Michael said...

Great meeting you out at Interbike. I'm definitely looking into buying a Masi cyclocross bike now, they were damn sweet...

dan23dan23 said...

Tim - I wished we could have hung out more at the show! I needed more Sushi. I guess I need to find a reason to come visit around lunch time soon! I skipped the Party, and wrote my end of the day report like a good boy... I then went down to the Breeze bar at TI, and hung out with some coworkers. Mr. Gary Fisher was hanging out, so I invited him to sit with us. I bought him some drinks (Gin and Soda) and we talked for about 2 hours. It was awesome, we talked about 29'rs for a while, then Coasting (by Shimano) and European bikes. He even made fun of his "image" as a cool guy - who can no longer go out in public in a standard t-shirt and jeans...

Anonymous said...

Here's my Interbike anecdote: I met 3 guys in the SF airport who were on their way to Interbike -- I asked them if they knew you and they said no.

Oops! Actually they said, "Tim Jackson? Masiguy? LOVE him!!"